Social selling is the new normal for young people


A lot of people says social is not a way where you can do business …. now I have the prove it does work!

Social is a channel, nothing more than a channel where you can reach million of people around the world, sharing your experience and values. The Social Network is essentially a platform where you can engage with people, influencing and learning in a new collaborative way.

A Social Network is not a place when you can be different from real life, is like you think making a voice call or posting a tweet can make you a different person, you are the same person, so essentially you cannot change yourself using a different channel.

People will trust you over Social Networks in the same way  people will trust you in real life, this mean if you want to do business on Social Networks you can, but you won’t do more business just because you are using a social channel.

Selling or doing anything on Social Network follows essentially the same rule you know in real life, in order to sell you need to have a competitive advantage compared to your competitors and you need to have a market. You have a market if people would spend money in what you sell, because you bring value to them.

So why Social Network can give more opportunities to a business ? The reasons are several, you can reach a lot of people around the world easily, from a single location, you can engage with people around the world, you can build your reputation, you can build new ecosystem, you will be of course more sexy because you are different ..

Now remember my sentence, Social is a channel where you can sell, let me show you how I have sold coffee to my friend in UK, of course was a friend of mine, but in real life we have never met, we know each other using social network and she trust me because social is transparency.

So first result, I have a lead never met in real life , just on social network and she trust me (is a girl, of course!).

I have tried to sell coffee , you know I’m italian .. pivot effect in marketing , people believe on me if i talk about coffee, in real life I could be also one not drinking coffee .. not important , I’m Italian and therefore people trust me on coffee!

Remember on Social Network as in the Web we are always person, same rules of real life ….

In order to sell coffee I needed to provide to my lead information regarding the coffee (landing page to a product) and a way to make  an order (e-commerce), as BCG says e-commerce is fast growing and allow companies to sell worldwide!

essentially in the new global world you have to be human, think globally and act locally, web technologies will allow you to move faster and in the world!

Ok, you don’t trust me ? I have asked to my friend to share the discussion over Facebook ..

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